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Give Your Dog a Fun Surprise by Ordering a Toy Box Subscription

If you have a dog, then you know that your pet might be a little rough on toys from time to time. A subscription box is an idea to consider so that your dog gets a few new toys and treats each month. Here are a few benefits of this type of service.


Instead of leaving home to go get toys and treats, you’ll get a dog toy box delivered to your front door. You won’t have to go out to pet stores or a retail store and look through several items that your pet might not even want. Most boxes are designed so that they have popular toys and treats that dogs enjoy and that are suitable for all ages and sizes.

Better Value

When you order a dog toy box, you’ll usually pay less for the items that you receive than you would if you were to purchase each item in a store. There are usually discounts available for new customers so that they can try the subscription service for a few months, cancelling if they don’t like what’s offered.


There are usually a few different options for boxes that you can get instead of getting only one that’s offered. You can choose the size of your dog and some of the things that your dog might enjoy. Some boxes can be customized with toys and treats for holidays or your dog’s birthday so that your pet feels special. There are some boxes that offer special treats for dogs that might not be able to eat certain ingredients.

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