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How to Choose Commercial Waste Collection Services

The standard definition for commercial waste is trash produced from any commercial activity. Commercial activity can be defined as any business operating from or outside your home. As a business, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly. One of the ways you can ensure this is to source for commercial waste collection services.

So how do you pick the right service provider for your business?

Type of waste

What type of waste does your business produce? Is it hazardous or toxic waste? Can it be recycled? The type of commercial waste your company produces will determine your choice of collection services. You must ensure the service provider can dispose of your waste legally and appropriately. If you have multiple waste streams, it will be wise to choose a service provider that can manage all of them.


A waste collection company must have a waste carriers license, among other credentials that prove their commitment to the environment and best waste management practices. As a business, you must also have a waste transfer note (WTN) to show the details of the waste transfer from one business to another. Working with a company with all the required licenses helps you avoid any legal fines regarding waste management and disposal.


Cost is a critical factor in choosing a commercial waste collection service. Therefore, it is essential to compare quotes before settling on a particular company. You might find one that offers the same value for a more affordable price.

As much as cost is essential, don’t disregard a company’s service and support. Customer service goes a long way in building a trusting business relationship. You want to choose a waste collection service that also helps you reduce your waste levels and increase recycling. Things like on-site laboratories for waste sample analysis can significantly benefit your business Waste Control Incorporated.

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