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4 Factors to Look For When Choosing the Best MBBS College Outside Of India

Choosing to leave India to complete an MBBS program is difficult for many students, but it is also an amazing experience that offers the potential for personal growth and world-class training from recognized MBBS colleges and universities.

Narrowing down the best MBBS college options outside of India should focus on four general areas. Finding the right match in all of the categories in one university means you have found the ideal MBBS college to begin your training as a doctor.

Cost of Tuition and Scholarships

There is a significant difference in the cost of tuition at international colleges and universities. The best MBBS college is not the college with the lowest tuition. It is the college with the right combination of tuition fees, scholarships, and quality education to allow the graduate to work as a doctor in India, the United States, or other countries around the world.

Program Reputation

Take the time to review where past graduates of the college complete their PG and find careers as a medical doctor. This information should be readily available on the college website.

PG Opportunities

Most students in India want to complete a PG in the USA or in India. Verify the college offers ACGME Approved Green Book clinical rotations in USA to meet the requirements for these PG opportunities.

Location and Culture

The best MBBS college is located in a comfortable climate in a country that is welcoming and safe. In addition, the college should offer Indian food, cultural events, and an understanding of the needs of Indian students and their families.

This is extremely beneficial to students studying abroad. Having a comfortable environment and a familiar culture helps reduce the stress and challenge of navigating the difficulties of living and studying in another country.

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