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Upgrading the Outdoor Accents With an Attractive Double Mailbox Post

Now that the weather is fair and moderate, homeowners all across the country are taking advantage of the favorable weather by taking care of some wanted (or needed) exterior projects around the house. Some bigger projects that really need attention (roofing, siding, painting, groundskeeping, etc.) are popular projects to work on and take care of while the weather is fair and still mild. Some other projects to take care of, like upgrading outdoor accents, are also popular now.

One item that can really enhance the outdoor look is a double mailbox on a double mailbox post. Whether installing it just for their own home (perhaps for their mailbox and a newspaper box), or with a neighbor’s mailbox, this can be a classy addition, available in a variety of different looks.

One company, with several decades of experience in helping customers beautify their homes with quality outdoor accents, offers customers just what they’re looking for in mailbox posts, rooftop cupolas, copper weathervanes, lantern posts, and more.

Mailbox posts this company features are made of a cellular pvc-vinyl, able to withstand all the elements of nature. Some options customers can look at in new double mailbox posts include:

  • Painted posts
  • Vertical address signs
  • Copper accents
  • Flower box
  • Antique brass or brass address numbers

In addition to mailbox posts, this company also features a nice selection of new mailboxes, a great complement to the new mailbox post accent piece. Some mailboxes available include:

  • Eagle Aluminum
  • Classic
  • Whitehall Aluminum
  • Savannah Aluminum
  • Berkshire Aluminum
  • Balmoral Metal

company name provides all these fine products and much more. To check out their complete list of products, go to website.

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