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Post Construction Cleaning in Richmond VA

Regardless of whether you are the contractor and you have just completed a new project or you are the homeowner who has had renovations done in your home, there will be a mess left behind and it has to be cleaned up. Every project that is done around the home will leave dust, dirt and debris behind; you have the option to do the work yourself or hire a Post Construction Cleaning in Richmond VA.

One of the most popular services that professional cleaning companies offer is post construction clean up. It makes little difference whether you had new windows installed in your home or added a whole new wing to the house, there is bound to be a great deal of rubbish left behind. Normally the contractor will give the area a sweeping and dispose of the heavy trash but that is far from cleaning, that is little more than rubbish removal but if the contractor does not do this or does a poor job you are faced with the problem. There is little doubt that calling in a Post Construction Cleaning in Richmond VA is the way to go. To do the job right there will be organizing the refuse into recyclables and non-recyclables, removing it from the premises and disposing of it. These professional companies have everything that is necessary to do the job no matter how big or how small, they have dumpsters, trucks and permits to dump in landfill sites.

The primary purpose of course of cleaning up after a construction project is to put the area in tip-top shape; everything should sparkle and shine once the job is done. The crews that are dispatched for post construction cleanup are those that do the heavy work such as carrying away old masonry and drywall and maids who do the light work such as dusting, sweeping and vacuuming. The maids are responsible for cleaning the windows inside and out, wiping down every surface and disinfecting them as well as any other cleaning service that may be required.

Although the bulk of the work is post construction cleanup the same crews can be called in to assist with cleanup after a flood or fire. There is always significant surface damage after either event, things that need immediate attention such as removing drapes and upholstered items and having them cleaned as soon as possible otherwise you may find that you not only have a mess to clean up, you may be faced with mold as well.

Royal Cleaning Services company uses state-of-the art equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and proprietary methods to ensure your space is immaculate when the job is done.

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