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How To Take Care Of Your Water Heaters in Slinger WI

Just like any other household appliance, water heaters in Slinger WI need care if they are to last. Many homeowners set the heaters and never give them a second thought until the hot water runs out. Here are some tips on how to keep the heater running properly and get years of reliable service.

Check the Heater Once a Month

Even if everything seems to be fine, do a visual inspection of the heater once a month. Look for any signs of a leak. Check to see if any rust is appearing along the surface of the tank. Take a moment and make sure the pilot light is still burning as it should. If something does seem to be a little out of the ordinary, call a professional and find out what is happening.

Give the Heater Plenty of Room

The area immediately around the water heater is not for storage. Avoid placing anything on top of the heater, and always make sure there is enough room to reach around the tank without touching anything else. Even if the heater is enclosed in a small cabinet, the door to that cabinet should never touch the body of the heater. This allows for a reasonable amount of air flow, and will also eliminate the chances of anything catching on fire if there is a problem with the electricity or gas that is used to heat the water.

Schedule a Thorough Inspection Once a Year

Even with the periodic inspections, it is possible for water heaters in Slinger WI to begin malfunctioning. For example, the failure of a heating element will not be obvious just by inspecting the outside. To determine if something is about to go wrong, have a professional inspect the water heater once a year. This will make it all the easier to proactively replace any parts that are showing excessive amounts of wear, and are likely to fail in the near future. With a reasonable amount of care, it is possible to get quite a few years of use from a water heater. In fact, there is no reason that the device can’t outlive a refrigerator or oven. Proper care will mean also mean lower energy consumption, something that every homeowner can appreciate.

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