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3 Factors That You Want to Consider Before Purchasing Any Gazebo Cupolas

There’s no doubt that the right sort of gazebo cupolas can make a difference in the way any gazebo looks. If you’re in the market for one to go on a new gazebo or possibly to replace a cupola on an older gazebo, choose wisely. Here are three factors to consider closely.

Do think about the materials used for the new cupola. Given the amount of exposure it will receive, you want something that’s at least as durable as the rest of the gazebo. If there’s any doubt about a particular material, ask a professional for some help.

Along with the materials used, think about the dimensions of the cupola. Proportion matters, since you want it to look like a natural part of the gazebo. Something that seems to get lost in the overall design won’t work. At the same time, you don’t want a cupola that looks as if it would crush the gazebo at any moment. Think proportion, and you have a better chance of choosing something that’s the right size.

Always consider the style of the gazebo when weighing options for the cupola. You want both elements to provide a harmonious look that draws the eye in a positive way. A cupola style that seems to have no relation to the rest of the gazebo may attract attention, but not the type you want.

Take your time and consider several options for gazebo cupolas before making a selection. Once you see how it looks in place, you’ll know the time and effort were worth it.

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