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The Most Critical Elements For Effective Hemp Packaging

There are two types of packaging for all types of herbal materials. One is packaging for retailers, dispensaries, and specialty shops, and the other option is packaging for the storage of products by consumers.

In general, retailer hemp packaging and consumer packaging options may look very different in style and size, but they all require a few important features. Ensuring these features or options are present in any packaging for cannabis, hemp, or other herbal products reduces spoilage while also keeping the product in ideal condition for the longest possible period of time.

Airtight Seal

While both retail and home use hemp packaging containers may be opened and closed frequently, the ideal container has a quality, airtight seal. The airtight seal prevents humidity from entering into the jar unless the jar is open. This prevents the development of mold on the product while also extending the freshness and quality smoke of the hemp.

High Visibility

Adding extra visibility into the hemp packaging design is essential to consumers to see into containers and to help keep home stash jars easy to identify by content. Clear elements to the lid and side of the packaging combined with a magnifying lens helps to reduce the number of times the jar or container is opened.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning of any type of hemp storage container or stash jar should be simple and easy. Having the ability to remove all of the old material, including any mold spores or small debris from the jar helps to maintain the quality of the product for continuous use.

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