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Things to Consider During Security Camera System Installation in Louisville, KY

With the wide availability of security camera systems today, there’s no excuse not to have a system in place. However, Security Camera System Installation in Louisville, KY can easily be flubbed by an inexperienced installer. Below is a brief look at some common mistakes, as well as tips on avoiding them.

A Lack of Cameras

CCTV Camera Systems are cheap enough that most businesses can afford more than one. While pan/tilt/zoom cameras offer a wide view, they may not cover everything, and zooming out typically yields a grainy image. That’s why it’s important to ensure that there are enough cameras to cover areas inside and outside the building.

Improper Positioning

Just as when a person takes photos, it is important to ensure that security cameras are angled correctly to get the best quality images. Users should consider obstructions, avoid pointing cameras at the ground, and avoid excess light exposure. It is vital to ensure that cameras are installed in areas with reliable Wi-Fi access.

Consider Remote Access

Most who install wireless security cameras want the option to view video remotely, but not all cameras offer the option. Customers should consider how they’ll access the video stream, and they should find a camera that includes those capabilities. Some cameras are iOS or Android-compatible, and some work with either operating system. Be sure to read the camera’s fine print when making a purchase.

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