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Essential Seeding Tools for Getting Started With Your Own Food Plots

Getting started seeding your first new food plot can be an intimidating process. One of the most important things you need to make sure you have before you begin is the right set of tools. Having the right tools for your food plot can determine how difficult it will be to seed your food plot. These three tools are essential to having a smooth seeding process.


You can purchase disks for tractors or for ATVs, depending on which machine you plan to use to pull up the vegetation. The disk can perform multiple jobs, but the most important job it will do is cut through the soil. It will then become an essential piece of food plot seeding equipment that allows you to cover the seed with soil. Disks can be manually changed so that their height is right for the seed. This prevents you from burying your seed too deeply into the ground.

Hand Spin Seeder

If you do not plan on using a tractor or ATV to plant your seeds, a hand spin seeder may be the most important food plot seeding equipment you can buy. This device allows you to place the seeds into a bag or bin. You then open the device on the bottom and begin walking around the food plot while moving the spin seeder’s handle.

No-Till Drill

The purpose of a no-till drill is to eliminate the need for tilling the land before you plant your seeds. This helps to reduce soil erosion and soil compaction. With a no-til drill, you are able to spray the vegetation in your way, allow that vegetation to die and then plant your seeds.

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