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The High-Performance Manufacturer of Custom Automatic Pocket Knives

Viper-Tec Knives manufactures and sells the highest performance knives. These high-quality and custom made automatic pocket knives carry a lifetime warranty and are each manufactured exceptionally making sure the customer has comfort in the grip. This gives the customer a safer grip and better handling for however they use the knives. Whether the use of these knives is for camping, hunting, or anything else, each knife offers durability, reliability, and will last throughout the years, even in adverse conditions. Because of the strength and non-slip characteristics of the grip, the knives are easier to operate one-handed.

Viper-Tec carries a huge variety of knives and offers knives for any person from any walk of life. These knives are made with aluminum. keeping them lightweight and easier to handle. The varieties of grip enhance the safety features and make any knife a great addition to the customer’s collection.

The Spyderco Tenacious Folder has a blade that is shaped like a leaf and is ground flat to enhance the cutting performance. Its black G-10 laminate handle makes it durable and gives the handle longevity. Spyderco knives are unique and hold a 197-millimeter overall length with a 86 millimeter blade length.

Spyderco knives also include the Spyderco Tenacious Carbon Fiber/G-10. This knife has a satin finish blade with a partially serrated edge. The handle is laminated with the carbon fiber/G-10 allowing it to hold its strength without the bulkiness.

Adding to a knife collection can be exciting when finding good quality products. Viper-Tec has the quality, and to find out more about these knives, visit

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