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The Benefits of Phishing Scam Awareness Training for Employees in Georgia

Just a few years ago, phishing scams targeted customers and malware targeted businesses. Today, just the opposite is true. Phishing scams are among the biggest dangers for organizations looking to protect private data. This makes phishing scam training for employees more important now than ever before.

Phishing training for employees will not prevent 100 percent of cyber-attacks. That is completely impossible. However, it will minimize the number of cybersecurity threats your organization falls victim to. It will prepare your employees to take proper action in the aftermath of a successful breach.

Phishing training for employees is a constantly evolving thing. This is because phishing attacks have increased in sophistication. There are dozens of techniques that cybercriminals are using to try to trick your employees into revealing sensitive information or compromising their credentials.

It is difficult to train your employees on all the fraudulent types of information they will receive in emails, links, or social media posts. This is why phishing training typically focuses on helping employees identify what a real email from a legitimate source looks like and then comparing that with fraudulent examples.

Employees must be helped to see that email addresses can be spoofed. Cybercriminals have a number of ways to disguise emails. They know how to trick people into thinking that an email is legitimate even though the email originates from a malicious source.

A basic principle of phishing scam prevention is that if an email uses enticing or threatening language, it should be deleted. For example, an email offering 100 PlayStations to the first respondents should be viewed with suspicion and should be deleted.

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