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Finding Great Coffee and Delicious Eats in Lancaster, PA, Isn’t Difficult

If you are visiting Lancaster, PA, you are probably going to want something to eat or a great cup of coffee while you are there. Trying to find Lancaster’s best coffee isn’t that difficult. You can follow your nose or just ask the locals. Here’s what to look for and where to find it when it comes to coffee.

Local Coffeehouse Done Right

Skip the big coffeehouse chains and go for small business coffeehouses. Lancaster has its share, and one of Lancaster’s best coffee places is one that serves up coffee in two locations in the city. One is right in the midst of a popular shopping center, and the other is on the east side of town. This coffeehouse has a third location in the next town over, in case you drive out of Lancaster and forget to stop for coffee when you leave.

Perfected to Your Exact Specifications

More than three syrup flavors, more than two kinds of milk, and dozens of ways to top your cup of coffee are here. Get a little bite to eat too. Sandwiches, bread, cakes, full breakfasts, salads, and even a dinner menu are available. No coffee chain can top what this local coffeehouse in Lancaster does. It’s probably why the locals love it so much and why it’s perfect for a first date. You can have just coffee, or meet and stay for more than coffee.

If the locals aren’t sure where to point you (and that’s unusual), connect with CoffeeCo Millcreek. They provide great food and coffee for their guests.

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