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CB Mills, Designer and Builder of Environmentally Conscious Machines

Starting as a small, simple boiler shop, CB Mills expanded into one of the top designers and builders of environmentally safe machines. These machines, like the stainless steel mixing tank, is used for solvent recycling. This company’s media grinding mills are used by many different companies in the industries of ink and paint, electronics, agro-chemical, and more. The steel tank fabrication has gone and will continue to go in the future in connection with solutions providing the consistency that will enhance a customer’s competitive position.

Since 1891, CB Mills has held themselves to a higher standard which has given them an advantage in business. They pride themselves on quality products and value good integrity in their customer service. This has harvested a passion and desire to constantly improve. This desire and passion have never gone away, even as the business has expanded.

The stainless steel mixing tanks and custom tanks allow each customer to see that each of their projects will be accomplished and performed with the utmost quality and safety. Manufactured projects may include, reactors, open-top mixing tanks, storage tanks, or UL tanks. Flanged Nozzles or threaded openings like man ways, insulation rings, and internal drop tubes are also offered.

Whether the customer is working in the energy industry, the food, and pharmaceutical industry, the CBD industry, or others, CB Mills is the company that will give you quality service and product to see the project through to the finish. For any stainless steel mixing tank needs, check out CB Mills by online today.

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