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Choose the Best Preschool for Your Kid

Choosing a school is a monumental decision for parents. Your child is starting school and the best preschool in Jeffersontown, KY can provide your little one with a solid educational foundation. That said, here are some tips on how to pick the right school for your family.

Check for Credentials

Is the school licensed? Does it have any credentials? Look into that. Ask the school for a license to check if it’s up-to-date, as well.

Ask About the Teachers

Are the instructors qualified to teach? Do they have the proper training and background? How much experience do they have? Can they handle the kids?

Observe a Class

If it’s possible, ask if you can observe a class. The way the students interact with the teacher will tell you a lot about the school, it’s philosophy, and how it trains the students. If the kids seem afraid, aren’t asking questions, and there’s little to no participation in class, that’s a red flag. Move on to other options.

Consider Your Needs

What are your family’s needs? Do you want a school that’s nearby? Does the school hours work for you? Sort through all those things before you decide which schools fit the bill.

Think About Your Child

Does the school provide the training and assistance your child needs? Does your child need to be potty-trained? Does your child cry when you leave them at school? Consider how your child is like to check if the school provides the kind of learning environment where your child will thrive, improve, and grow.

Know Their Approach to Discipline

How do the teachers respond to a difficult or misbehaving student? Their approach will help you determine an answer. If they help the kids work out the problem, if they handle the situation through positive discipline techniques, then that’s a good option to consider.

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