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How Utah Residents Enjoy Propane as a High-Energy Alternative

A home heater in Kamas, Utah, that runs on propane is safe, reliable, and efficient. Propane is a high-energy fuel. This means that it has an octane level that is higher than traditional fuels. Propane has no smell. It has no color. You might be familiar with a distinct odor associated with propane. However, this odor is not naturally occurring. It is something that is artificially added to the propane to protect people. If you smell the odor, you know that there is a leak. Steps can be taken to minimize the damage caused.

A home heater in Kamas, Utah, that uses propane may be able to supply hotter air. For example, an electric pump is only able to warm the air slightly warmer than the temperature of the human body. However, a propane-based heater has the ability to warm the air up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because propane is a high-energy alternative.

Think about how electricity can take one hour to heat a water tank. Propane can accomplish the same job in around 20 minutes. This makes propane an efficient high-energy alternative in many homes.

Many homeowners like propane because it gives them the option to continue to provide energy to the home even if something happens to disrupt the flow of energy from the electric company. Propane can be less expensive and produce better results.

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