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The Benefits of Using Glass Tips for Smoking Products in Irvine, CA

Anyone who has smoked tobacco, marijuana, or other herbs in cigarette form knows that handling them can be a dirty affair. This is why some smokers prefer to use glass tips to hold their cigarette products instead. Here are some of the benefits users report when using custom glass tips.


If people are being honest, then they have to admit that standing around holding an unfiltered cigarette or joint has an unseemly look to it. However, when glass tips are used, there is automatically a more appealing look to the act. It portrays a more classy and sophisticated behavior than otherwise.


Custom glass tips are very convenient. They are small and compact, thus allowing you to carry them virtually anywhere. Also, since they are made from high-impact glass, they are sturdy and difficult to break. You will be able to enjoy your glass tips for years to come. Glass tips are very easy to clean. By keeping them clean, you can enjoy the full flavor of the substance you are smoking.


By using glass tips for your smoking needs, you can avoid getting the smoke on your fingers. This smoke often leads to not only stinky fingers but stains as well.

Consistently using glass tips will not only protect your fingers from these stains but will help avoid getting messy from ashes.

They have many stylish options to choose from and recommend something to suit your needs.

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