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Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC Can Include a Room With Dark Paneling for a Den or Other Purpose

It can be tough to find a newer home for sale that has any rooms with dark paneling, since people tend to feel that this feature is very dated and looks like a throwback to the 1970s. Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC, however, will be happy to build a house that includes a room with dark wood paneling for specific effects. Although the style is currently out of favor, many people love the darker wood for dens, libraries and TV rooms. The interior decorating for the room might include a leather couch and recliner along with certain types of furnishings that go well with wood walls.

A room like this can be enhanced with country or outdoorsy decor, or with old-fashioned elegance. It could be designed to look like a cabin or a rustic retreat, or, in contrast, like a place where someone can have discussions with business clients. When going over floor plans with Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC, the property owner might think about features such as built-in bookshelves and a bar area that will eventually contain decanters of fine brandy and Scotch, as well as a humidor for expensive cigars. Large windows with wood frames can be included to brighten the room during the daytime. French doors, which are primarily made of glass set into a frame, can be exceptionally attractive in this type of room. A doorway with one or two French doors can be closed off to reduce noise transmission to or from an adjoining part of the house.

A custom home builder such as Mills Eloge Homes has many floor plan options available and a listing of standard features. Home-owners can request modifications to those plans and features to make the house truly their own design. A room with dark wood walls and features relevant to the room’s purpose will enhance satisfaction with the house when the property owners have kept this type of style in mind. It may feel like a refuge and a sanctuary where one individual or several family members can escape from the hectic pace of the outside world for a while. You can visit them on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates.

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