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Do I Have to Complete Medical Courses in the USA?

One of the goals of many students in India is to become a doctor and practice either in India or in the United States. Students completing their MBBS in India or the USA have the qualifications necessary to complete their PG in the country and continue on to achieve their goal to become a medical doctor.

The Difficulties for Students in India

The challenge with this option is the difficulty in placing in the NEET exams at a level to earn a seat at a public or private medical university in the country. There is also the cost of writing the NEET multiple times and the stress of trying to complete with hundreds of thousands of students for a limited number of positions.

However, there are also challenges in attending medical courses in the USA. Students from India need to complete an undergraduate program in the USA, earn at least 500 on the MCAT exam, and successfully pass the interview process at an American university or college.

The Solution to the Challenge

Students from India can apply to Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean and earn the same education level as they would by taking medical courses in the USA.

Like students taking medical courses in the USA, completing an MBBS through Spartan Health Sciences University provides students with a recognized degree, Green Book clinical rotations at US teaching hospitals, and the option to complete their PG, free of charge, in the United States.

The result of this academic path is a full MBBS that is recognized in India, the United States, and around the world, allowing graduates to work as medical doctors where they choose.

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