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Get Your Media in Front of People in an Aha Way in New York, New York

Perfect HDCam SR Editing means you don’t notice all the work that went into the final product. It is seamless, beautiful, unpretentious. This is where to go when you are looking for creative and technical motion picture services.

Tech Services to Look For

Here is what to look for when you need professional tech services using HDCam SR Editing and more:

  • Motion graphics for 2D and 3D animation
  • Subtitling to translate your script
  • Digital cinema to configure your project to perfect specs
  • Blu-Ray & DVD to better conceptualize content
  • Digital video archiving for posterity’s sake
  • File formatting and conversion for all those varieties of media
  • And more

Credits and Acclamations

Look at the track record when deciding who to trust with your production and technical media services, clients such as:

  • Givenchy apparel and more
  • American film distributor Magnolia Pictures
  • Centers Health Care of the Northeast
  • Macy’s department store
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream, the original Irish cream
  • University of Maryland Medical System in Baltimore
  • And others

Build your Brand

Nothing gets your brand out there better than well-produced, professional media, regardless of your industry requirements, be they:

  • Corporate promotion
  • Commercial conceptualizations
  • Digital formats and social media
  • Landing pages, print, email, and more

We’re Waiting for Your Call

For more enlightenment and information about Chromavision, visit them online. Make thoughtful, idea-based connections between your business, your art, or your message, and your customers or clients. You can also reach them by calling (212) 686-7366 or use their message page online.

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