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Why You May Need to Turn to Media Asset Management Services in Danbury, CT

You may not have heard of Media Asset Management (MAM) before. This could be because you know it as Digital Asset Management (DAM). The terms are similar in nature, but there are some slight differences. In either case, these terms describe the process of managing a large volume of multimedia files. Many organizations are beginning to realize the need for this type of service. See why you may fall into this category.

A Look at DAM Versus MAM

As mentioned, both processes are somewhat similar. Thus, it serves to point out the minute differences that may affect your decision to use one or the other. Media Asset Management, or MAM, originally started in the film industry. Its main purpose was to organize media files. Overall, it now allows you to access your media from a central location.

DAM has a couple of different aspects to it. Traditionally, DAM was intended to manage graphics and photos. However, as with MAM, it transitioned into managing rich media files as well. As such, it can now be used with video production as well.

What the two have in common is that they both deal with assets of a digital nature. They also both focus on streamlining the production and distribution of files. Also, modern technology allows you to use analytic software to measure information.

When You Need Specialized Management

Media Asset Management services are the best fit for organizations that are highly concerned with managing files. It is also possible to integrate MAM with your creative software. This will help you perform editing during the workflow.

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