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Electron Beam Manufacturing

An electron beam is a stream of electrons. They are generated by thermionic emission, a series of charged particles or atoms, or via strong electric fields. Industries apply the technology in research and medical therapy.

Electron beam manufacturing engineers high melting capacity. Product parts are processed with no residual stress. Its utilization promises the elimination of wire cutting and heat treatment. As production takes place in a vacuum, there is a controlled and clean environment.

Production Advantages

Electron beam melting has proven to be cost efficient. The technology enhances freedom in design, stacking capacity and material properties. The cost of production, per part and dependent on part characteristics, is reduced by up to 50%.

The technology uses fewer supports and generates higher volume builds. This is due to its ability to manage tightly stacked products. The trait is an invaluable asset in the detailed and complicated development of orthopedic implants. Over 100,000 hips have been developed with electron beam melting.

Scaled for Growth

The world of surgery remains a significant part of every generation. As the populace ages, the need for implants grows. Electron beaming expands with the increasing demand. It speeds up processes while managing quality assurances.

In the aerospace industry, the engineering produces light weight components with greater efficiency. It allows additive manufacturing with crack prone materials.

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