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Protect Your Business With Cloud Security Solutions

One of the major advantages that cloud-based technology offers is the option to add specific services to basic plans and packages. These types of services are usually charged based on usage, which makes it convenient and low-cost for businesses of all sizes.

Top cloud companies provide a Security-as-a-Service solution, also known as a SECaaS). These cloud security solutions are typically offered by the provider in conjunction with the business IT team to design, deploy, and maintain the security based on the customized needs of the company.

Some cloud security solutions are designed to be a one-size-fits-all option, while others are fully tailored to the compliance or regulatory needs of a specific industry or business. Depending on the specifics, different aspects of security that are critical to a business include:

• VAPT – vulnerability assessment and penetration testing looks for issues within the security on web applications and networks. This is a proactive way to identify and correct security gaps or weaknesses before there is a breach.

• Firewalls – web application firewalls designed to monitor traffic from apps and the internet helps to eliminate the risk of an attack. These firewalls block harmful or malicious http traffic, preventing the risk of an attack on the system.

• DDOS prevention – preventing distributed denial-of-service attacks ensures your data is accessible, and network slowdowns are prevented.

• SIEM – security information and event management are critical in assessing the operation of the system on an ongoing basis, noting irregularities, and correcting issues through automated processes.

Not all cloud security solutions are the same. Check what is offered by the provider and choose the security solutions that meet the needs of the business now and in the future. Visit to get more information.

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