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The Violin, Representative of Orchestral Music to Most, Is Available to All

Would you be surprised to know that Larry Fienberg, better known as Larry Fine of The Three Stooges, was an accomplished violinist? He began playing for therapy of a severely burned arm. But playing the violin is therapeutic for more than scarred muscles, and you can find a new or old violin for sale in Atlanta, GA.

Buying a Violin

The price of a violin may range from below $1,000 to many thousands of dollars. For the serious beginner, the RSV Signature Model Violin Outfit is everything a novice could want, including:

  • Free shipping
  • Free lifetime adjustments
  • Professional strings
  • Exceptional tone
  • And more

Quality instruments available include:

  • Antonio Strad Model Violin
  • Jay Haide L’Ancienne Model Violin
  • And the Deluxe Violin
  • Shop, Rent, or Repair and Restore

When shopping for a Violin For Sale In Atlanta, GA, the best choice is to go to a store that specializes in string instruments. The same is true for renting or repairing and restoring your string instrument.

You will not find the same quality of instruments or service at the mall. Only professional string players and teachers comprehend what properly setting up and adjusting an instrument means to a student’s growth and prosperity as a musician.

Call or Visit Today

For information about violins for sale in Atlanta, GA, visit Ronald Sachs Violins online at or drop by one of their stores in Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina. Call (678) 585-6097 if you have questions. They would love to hear from you.

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