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Design a Stylish Salon Suite Concept by Using These Simple Tips

After making the decision to open a salon, you need to decide how to design the interior. The following are a few tips to consider so that your salon is comfortable for customers while offering the style that you like.

The Lighter the Better

Don’t go overboard when decorating your salon. An aspect of a salon suite concept is that it has the essential equipment needed to style hair and a few decorations to showcase your personality. Some of the essentials that you might want to include are sinks, chairs, and hairdryers while decorations that you might consider include plants in the corners and one or two pictures on the walls.


You want customers to be able to easily access all areas of the salon and know how to get from one area to another with ease. You can design an area with sinks on one side and chairs on the other so that customers know where to sit after a wash. If you decide to offer other services, you want to set up an area with tables and chairs that are away from these pieces so that customers aren’t in the way of each other.


A focal point is an idea to consider so that customers can get a clear idea regarding the services that your salon offers as soon as they walk through the door. A

salon suite concept to consider would be shelves that hold different types of shampoo, nail polish, or conditioner. You can rotate the items throughout the year depending on what customers might need or want.

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