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Flooding Of A Structure Requires Mold Remediation In Billings MT

After a water event of broken pipes, sewer back-up, overflowing plumbing appliances, water from a fire or flooding, mold will begin to develop. Moisture, oxygen and an organic food source that is used in many building materials are a prime breeding ground. Moisture in a basement from a faulty foundation or condensation from pipes can cause high levels of humidity over a period of time. Mold can become deadly in certain forms and shouldn’t be removed by anyone other than a trained technician in Mold Remediation in Billings MT. Mold spores can travel very easily through the air and begin to develop in another part of a structure. This will be eliminated through the use of a thick plastic and duct tape to seal off the area.

When a large water problem occurs in a home or business, an insurance company is usually involved. The company performing Mold Remediation in Billings MT is usually experienced working between owners and insurance companies to restore the home to its original condition. The first thing they will do is eliminate the cause of the water and immediately begin drying the area. This will include the use of dehumidifiers, large fans, and water extracting equipment. Windows will be opened to help in removing the moisture. They offer 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week.

Carpeting, furniture, drapes, and many other items will be removed from the area for drying if necessary. Building materials may have to be removed because mold can develop in between the walls and cause the occupants to become ill. The main concern over mold is the health problems it can cause for the young, old, or others that suffers from allergies or asthma. When the mold has been removed, the area will be disinfected, and everything will be thoroughly cleaned. Even if there is no sign of mold on an item, mold spores that remain can start the problem all over again.

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration can perform mold remediation, professional restoration, comprehensive cleaning, smoke and fire restoration, and much more. Attempting to clean and secure an area that’s been damaged by an overwhelming event can be difficult without the proper training and equipment.

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