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3 Facts to Know About VG Based Nicotine

People who want to stop smoking can choose how they want to try and quit the habit. Many prefer to seek support rather than going it alone. For many, it means choosing nicotine replacement therapy.

There are several forms of nicotine replacement therapy to consider. The most recent – and most popular – is the electronic cigarette. People wanting to stop smoking can use it with VG based nicotine. Here are three facts about this type of nicotine when used in e-cigs.
VG Stands for Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin comes from vegetable oils. It is safe to ingest and used as a base in many e-liquids. Nicotine is added to it along with a flavour. Both are suspended in the vegetable glycerin.

It Is Thicker Than PG Based Nicotine

PG stands for propylene glycol. Some vapers prefer using this form of nicotine when vaping. VG based nicotine is thicker, however, leading to bigger clouds of vapour when using an e-cigarette with this type of e-liquid.

VG Based Nicotine Feels Smoother

Smokers recognise the sensation of the smoke on their throat as they inhale. VG-based ejuices are smoother than PG-based ones. Personal preference plays a part here.

It means former smokers may start on the PG-based ejuices before moving onto the VG-based ones. Alternatively, some people find they prefer the smoother feel offered by the vegetable glycerin base.

Knowing what to expect from VG based nicotine is the best way to choose the right liquid while attempting to quit smoking.

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