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The Importance of Short Lead Time in Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Technology continues to thrust the world into high speed production creating a service-on-demand environment in a variety of fields including custom stainless steel fabrication. OEMs are not only looking for custom products from quality fabricators, but they’re also looking for the shortest lead times for filling orders.

Providing custom stainless steel fabrication can set any manufacturing company ahead of the game when it comes to bidding for OEM projects. However, providing custom fabrications in two to three days may just blow the competition right out of the water.

Standard Lead Time
In the past, most manufactures offered standard metal fabrication by creating desired metal structures through cutting, bending and assembling processes. Taking raw materials and turning them into useable products took anywhere from one to two weeks. These were acceptable lead times given the initial project of the OEMs and other customers most often required even longer production time before the fabricated materials were needed.

A New Era
As technology advanced so did the metal fabricating industry. Machinery and equipment evolved giving fabricators the tools and skills to transform materials into top notch, high quality fabricated metal products in half the time. The versatility of stainless steel pushed fabricators to a whole new level of fabricating techniques enabling them to produce an even greater spectrum of custom stainless steel fabrication in rapid turnaround times.

Quality Work in Exceptional Time
Today, shorter lead time availability is in high demand. However, some OEMs may be questioning whether or not they will have to cut down on quality if they want to cut down on time. The short answer is no.

Many of today’s leading manufacturers recognize the need for both quality and rapid production. Quality control continues to be of utmost importance in order to provide customers with exceptional products in the least amount of time.

Short Lead Times Win
Engineering and manufacturing companies looking to set themselves apart from the competition should focus on quality products with the shortest lead times.

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