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2 Major Industries in California That Utilize X-Ray Technology

X-rays were first discovered in 1895 by a physics professor who, at the time, was conducting experiments using Lenard tubes and Crookes tubes. Through the centuries, further developments have been made using this type of technology and is now being widely used in various industries across the globe. Here are 2 major industries that use x-rays outside the medical field.

Food Industry

When someone talks about using x-rays, you will least likely think about the food industry. However, the food industry has been using x-ray technology for decades primarily to detect contaminants. Using x-ray technology, food producers are now provided a way to improve the quality of their products and ensure product purity.


Another major industry that utilizes x-ray technology is the construction industry. In this industry, x-rays are used to help detect discontinuities or defects in objects of various materials and compositions. This ensures that the materials that are being used to construct a particular structure are extremely durable.

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