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Access Control Security in Bowling Green, KY are for More than Just Top-Secret Installations

There are many uses for access control security systems. While these systems are often portrayed as being for extremely secure facilities, such portrayals really only scratch the surface. Here are some of the places they are likely to be found and why they are so useful.

Most people actually encounter access control systems in hotels and motels. Modern establishments have done away with metal keys and now hand each guest a card with a magnetic stripe that serves as their key. The magnetic stripe does more than ensure that each card can only be used for a single room. It also codes for how long the card-key will remain active. When the time is up, the card will no longer open any doors. It will have to be reprogrammed at the front desk before it can be used again. This provides many benefits. One of these is that someone can’t use an old key to get back into a room once their stay is officially over. Another is that motels don’t have to cut new keys every time someone forgets to turn one in.

In other businesses, Access Control Security in Bowling Green, KY make it so that each class of employee only has access to authorized areas. Retail establishments, for example, typically only grant certain employees’ access to the office or cash room. It’s also important for these companies to be able to keep track of who keyed into which room without having to watch hours of videotape. By coding employee badges to serve as key cards, it’s easy to both control access and keep records of whose key was used for what and when. This can greatly cut down on shady actions since the employees will know that their names are a permanent, electronically-readable, part of their keys.

Of course, some facilities really are of the high-security type seen in the movies. For these areas, access control security systems include more than electronic locks. They also use video cameras, motion sensors, live security personnel, and sometimes, even biometric locks to be absolutely sure that no unauthorized people can sneak in or out at any point. The chance of getting into an unauthorized location at a fully-secure facility is minimal, and the chance of getting in without several people immediately knowing about it is almost nonexistent.

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