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How to Tell if the Oysters You Find in Charleston Are Fresh

Oysters can be a delectable side dish or a main course if they are prepared in a variety of ways. Before you serve oysters for your family or for a special event, you need to make sure they are fresh. Here are a few ways that you can tell if the oysters you’re looking at are as fresh as possible so that they have the flavors you desire.


A detail of fresh oysters in Charleston, SC, is that they will usually have a flat top. If you notice bumps and a lot of curves on the tops of the oysters or a lot of cracks, then it could be because other animals have tried to consume them. It could also mean that the oysters have been in areas of the water where they have hit against rocks and other hard surfaces, possibly damaging the oyster inside.

Lower Cup

When you hold fresh oysters in Charleston, SC, they should have a deep cup. This allows for a larger oyster and more saltwater to enter the shell. If there’s more saltwater in the shell, then the oyster can be preserved a bit longer when it’s removed from the ocean.

Sealed Shut

Oysters should be sealed when you get them. If the seal is broken, then it could allow bacteria to get inside and it could mean that the oyster has been removed. There will also be less saltwater inside the oyster, which can lead to it drying out before it’s cooked.

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