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Three Huge Benefits of Custom Cardboard Boxes in the United States

Shipping is a great way to send your products across the globe, but if you don’t have the right packaging, then your business could suffer. Many businesses end up wasting a ton of money on expensive shipping fees due to suboptimal packaging. If you want what’s best for your business, then check out these three major reasons to get custom packaging from cardboard box manufacturers.

Package Safety

Your freight needs boxes that properly fit. If a box is too big, then it will have to be stuffed with padding and filler, and it is more likely to be damaged in transit. Damaged items cost your business time, money, and customer satisfaction, so it’s important to order the right boxes for the job.

Decreased Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are primarily based on the weight and volume of a package. Ill-fitting boxes take up extra space, increasing your shipping costs. If you don’t want your business to waste money on extra shipping costs, then custom boxes are a great solution.


While it may not seem like a big deal, customers will notice your company’s packaging. If your company’s packages are awkward and ugly-looking, then customers will have a bad impression of your business. Your image is everything, and ordering custom boxes will make you stand out among the crowd.

You want your business to thrive, so don’t let poor packaging hold your business back. With the right cardboard boxes, your business can save money and appear more professional. If your business could benefit from an optimized packaging solution, then visit Express Packaging at to better understand how cardboard box manufacturers can help.

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