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Why Should You Label Your Kids’ Clothes Before They Go to Camp?

It’s every kid’s dream to go to summer camp–and while you’ll miss them, you’re looking forward to having a few weeks of peace and relaxation. But before they leave, it’s important to take precautions to ensure that none of their clothes end up missing or stolen. They’ll be spending weeks at a camp with dozens of other students, and while you’d like to think you can trust everybody, there might be some thieves in the midst. Here’s why you should invest in a set of clothing labels for camp.

Why Should You Label Your Kids’ Clothing for Camp?
If your daughter’s shirt has a label with her name on it, it’ll be less of a target for thieves–no one’s going to steal a shirt that’s easily identifiable, after all. Clothing labels for camp also make it easier for your child to recover their clothing if it goes missing. If someone finds it lying in another cabin, they’ll be able to return it to its rightful owner. Labels also make it easy for your child to keep track of their clothes and not accidentally end up with another camper’s shirt. You spent a lot of money on your child’s clothes; you don’t want to have to buy them a whole new wardrobe when they get back.

To order clothing labels, visit Label Daddy at You can choose from a variety of designs and fonts to make the labels fun and personalized. For extra protection, you can have the labels laminated.

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