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3 Reasons To Work With A Water Testing Company On An Annual Basis

For property owners of multifamily residences, ensuring safety in the buildings and on the property is an important consideration. By keeping the property well-maintained, it is possible to avoid lawsuits and issues with tenants complaining about problems and issues.

One often overlooked aspect of safety in a residential building is the quality of the drinking water in the building. Many landlords or property owners assume if they are bringing water into the building with a municipal water supply, it is always safe for consumption.

In fact, there are many areas of the country where not all municipal water is safe. Some of the water contains a lot of minerals that can negatively impact the building plumbing system. If this creates issues with corrosion in the pipes, it is possible to have drinking water problems that are directly related to your building’s plumbing, resulting in a risk of a lawsuit from tenants.

Annual Water Testing

By bringing in an expert water testing company once a year, a full test can be done on the water quality in the building. This can identify issues that may be pending, such as increased hard water and mineral deposits or even the presence of some types of potentially harmful contaminant in the water system.

A quality water testing company can discretely test the water and provide full results to the property owner. They also provide information on how to correct any identified problems. In addition, these companies can also inform the property owner if the water quality is potentially damaging to meters, and also provide the necessary steps for remediation of the problem.

Hiring a water testing company is a low-cost way to keep your tenants and your building safe. These companies provide full results, which can be used if there is ever a question of the water quality by tenants in the building. For more updates, visit our website.

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