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Getting Professional Results with Dedicated Turf-Management Equipment for Sporting Venues

Maintaining and growing turf at a professional level brings issues each day for sports fields, golf courses, commercial grounds and other areas relying on well-maintained turf. To meet these demands, a range of turf maintenance equipment with varying frame widths, shaft types and add-ons are available to create a custom solution to turf needs.

Types of Sports Field Turf Equipment

Several types of turf equipment serve different purposes. These machines include:

  • Soil Aerators – these address issues that regularly come up in turf management at professional venues and are perfect applications for turf restoration, routine aerating and loosening soil before laying down sod or seeding. Along with varying frame widths and shaft adaptability, aerators often include seedboxes and rollers.
  • Renovation Equipment – this sports field turf equipment helps break up soil without damaging the turf on the surface. It enhances seed growth and can result in as much as 30-percent quicker regrowth. These machines often come with spike rollers and seedboxes.
  • Accessories – Add-ons and modifications to create the perfect turf-management machine, including rollers, rakes and seedboxes
  • Vertical Mowers – or verti-cutters, remove the buildup of a lawn’s thatch, which is a layer of dead roots and grass stems that accrue between the soil itself and the grass. This equipment lets turf breathe easier, soak up moisture and take in nutrients. Verticutters can come with variable blade spacing and thickness and belt drive and blade-diameter combinations with higher blade-tip RPM and improved cut quality.

Talk to a Leading Turf Maintenance and Seeding Provider

Many options are available for meeting sports field turf-management needs, and sports field turf equipment providers with reliable and cost-effective and innovative solutions will be able to guide you in getting the high-quality results your sports field needs.

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