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Two Types of Alarm Systems in Bowling Green, KY

As crime levels are always fluctuating, many people today are worried about security. Whether you’re looking for something to protect your business in Bowling Green, KY that may be perfect for you. Two of the most popular types of security systems are motion detecting and video surveillance.

Motion Detecting

These systems are pretty basic and usually include contacts on doors and windows. They can also include motion detectors that can detect when a window is broken, not just when they’re opened. If you’re on a budget, these systems are very budget friendly and can easily be set up. They’re monitored by the alarm company, so if anyone does break into your business, the alarm company can call the police for you.

Video Surveillance

These systems are more elaborate, and therefore more expensive. They include enough cameras to cover as much of the building as you want. If someone does break into your facility, the cameras can record the break-in so the police will have a picture of the person they are looking for. They are also monitored by your security company, and the police will be called as soon as the alarm goes off. The cameras can vary in picture quality and features, such as sound, so you will want to discuss the available options with your alarm company to find out which one might be more suitable for you. There’s a range of different video surveillance systems that will fit most budgets.

Which one of the alarm systems in Bowling Green, KY you go with depends on what you and your company want, what is in your budget, and how big your facility is. To find out which alarm system will best suit you, you may want to speak with an alarm company and find out what they offer. Make sure you have everything you need to feel secure when you install your security system so you won’t have to update it again in a short amount of time.

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