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The PennBarry Ventilation System Mainstay for Homes and Businesses

One of the top companies producing ventilation products today, PennBarry, began when some of the largest residential, light industrial and commercial ventilation system manufacturers, Barry Blower, Penn Ventilation, Bayley Fans, Industrial Air and Supreme Fan joined as a combined effort and a unified company.

Some of the Top PennBarryWorkhorses

The PennBarry company also employs expert technicians who will install general, industrial and kitchen ventilation systems and energy recovery systems. These products include:

The Domex Fan

These general-purpose centrifugal exhausters are applicable to medium-pressure environments. They’re roof-mounted PennBarry fans that primarily serve to draw in clean air in such locations as offices, bathrooms, warehouses, garages and more.

The Fumex Fan

These wall or roof-mounted PenBarry fans are designed for medium and high-pressure work. They’re centrifugal upblast exhausters that, in contrast to such general equipment as the Domex Fan, are capable of managing smoke and grease-heavy and contaminated environments. They apply to commercial food-services, fume hoods in laboratories and other high-temperature environments.

A Proud PennBarry Fan Distributor

Leading providers of innovative ventilation systems and PennBarry fans carry a wide selection of industrial, general and energy recovery systems. Other leading brands in stock include Captive-Aire, Enervex, Broan, and more. As veteran suppliers of top quality products and solutions since 1918, they supply the systems homes and businesses in the New York Metro area need. Give Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co a call at 718-899-9090 or visit them at today.

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