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The Top Benefits You Can Reap from Going to Latin Mass in Detroit

It is important to go to Mass on a regular basis. You may not always feel up to going. However, there are several benefits that you can reap by doing so.

It Is the Command of God

God commands that you go to church and fellowship. If you go to Latin Mass in Detroit, then you will be fulfilling one of the commandments of God. You also could take Holy Communion, which is also a command of God.


The fellowship is another one of the reasons that you should go to Mass. You will be able to meet other like-minded believers. You will also be able to enjoy a meal with fellow believers.

Learn About the Word

You can read and study the Bible on your own. However, you will likely be able to learn more if you go to Latin Mass in Detroit. You will be able to learn from a teacher who has been studying the Bible for many years.

Corporate Worship

Everyone can worship God on their own. However, there is something special when people come together to worship. Mass is one of the best places to have corporate worship.

Diverse Community

Heaven will have people from different backgrounds. Latin masses are diverse. You will be able to meet people from different backgrounds if you go to mass. If you want to go to Mass, then you will need to contact Old St. Mary at

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