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What NOT to Do When Selecting a Top Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles

When it comes to a wedding, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will die and the guests will go home. The happy couple will only have photos of the day to remember this special occasion. Thus the choice of top wedding photographer in Los Angeles is of great importance. With tens of thousands of photographers to choose from, this process can be very difficult. There are certain things that should not be taken into consideration during the selection process, however. Following are things to NOT look for as a couple makes this critical choice.

Never let the number of weddings they photograph each year influence the decision. Experience is crucial, yet someone who says they shoot 100 weddings every year is overbooking. They are either passing the work off to other people, meaning they won’t be present on the big day, or they are rushing through the process and their work may be substandard. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Therefore it’s important to get someone who will be available to take the shots that the couple desires.

Don’t leave this task to a family member, unless they are a wedding photographer by trade. They may get a few great shots, but the chances of them missing an important moment, such as the exchanging of the rings, or blinding the couple with their flash, so everyone’s eyes are closed, are very good. Weddings are a unique event, thus the photographer needs to understand how to capture the special moment in the church when the lights are all up and then the first dance in a dark reception hall. The family member most likely won’t know how to do this.

Never make the decision based on price alone. Although a wedding photographer may be running a great sale, this doesn’t mean the final product will be satisfactory. It’s wonderful to save money on a wedding and paying a photographer less allows the couple to spend more elsewhere. Remember that the photos last when most other parts of the wedding are long forgotten. Spend extra in this one area so there are no regrets. ColorBlast Weddings, understands the importance of these images and works with couples to ensure they get exactly what they want every time.

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