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Beat the Heat in the New York Tri-State Area with a Rented Spot Cooler

It’s going to be a long, hot summer in New York City, and your construction crew’s health and safety depend on staying cool. While your crew is inside installing the plumbing and electric, hanging drywall and painting, the temperatures can become dangerously high. The last thing you need is a worker’s compensation claim if someone suffers from heatstroke.

However, this dilemma is easily solved, even if the cooling in the new construction isn’t up and running. Spot cooler rental is affordable and versatile, easily adapted to any size space. Whether you need cooling for a one-day job, or your worksite needs cooling for weeks or months, spot cooler rental is something to consider.

Renting a spot cooler will also keep you and your crew working efficiently, reducing the need for breaks to cool off. The right cooling unit can also help paint and adhesives dry and cure more quickly, keeping you on schedule.

Spot coolers can come in handy for finished construction too; if a building’s cooling system fails, a spot cooler can be brought in until it is repaired. Likewise, some buildings have an inadequate cooling system during the hottest summer months. Once again, renting a spot cooler can provide relief during the peak months of summer. Units ranging from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/h can be rented to suit any cooling need.

Empire Tool Rental has the spot cooler you need in the New York Tri-state and Long Island areas.

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