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A Display Jar Designed by Cannabis Connoisseurs for Fans of the Flower

Dispensary owners and cannabis connoisseurs understand that viewing every flower’s nuance is a crucial part to the overall experience of enjoying the herb. This company creates display jars that will allow your customers to appreciate every side of the flower, but you can rest assured that the quality of each jar is air-tight for the best storage.

Get Up Close and Personal

A few unique features set these display jars apart from the competition. For example, the eclipse jar is created with clear sides all around, and dual magnification macro-style lenses in the lid so that your customers can view the terpenes coating the flower. Built into the underside of the cover is a system of incredibly bright LED lights that help to illuminate the herb and create an even better viewing experience.

Keep Your Product Secure

Because these are not just any display jars, the company has created an accessory that will stop thieves in their tracks if they try to run off with one of them. One end of the fitting attaches snugly to your jar while the flat end is securely drilled into a countertop or other surface to deter theft.

Fast Charging Times

You won’t have to worry about these jars costing you a lot of money in batteries, as they all have a quick charging USB port attached for your convenience. Now, you can ensure your customers have a seamless experience every time by keeping your jars charged up at night.

Contact us to find out more about the eclipse jar and other display jars in the collection.

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