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Florida Custom Trade Show Booth Design 101: Strong Trade Show Presence

Custom trade show booth design is arguably the best way to heighten brand visibility on the trade show floor, showcase brand presence to the press, and capture leads and interact with trade show attendees. The custom booth design process is surprisingly straightforward, transparent and efficient. Here’s how it works.

Needs, Strategy, Design

The custom booth design process begins with a needs analysis, an open conversation that illuminates desired outcomes while assessing current assets and budgets. Next, team members develop a winning strategy entailing unique, innovative concepts and solutions that will set your brand apart from competition.

A team of seasoned experts composes a design proposal targeted at a specific business type, event and array of marketing necessities. Collaboration happens for every single concept/stage of the design process, incorporating trend-forward developments in the trade show playbook.

Fabrication & Logistics

Fabrication occurs in a dedicated facility boasting an experienced design team. Design team members have decades of combined hands-on design know-how and full command of the latest in materials, building and printing tech.

After fabrication, masterful logistics ensure the safe, timely shipping, storage and inspection, pre-show maintenance and ongoing maintenance of original exhibits and booths. As part of one’s contract, the logistics team supplies repairs and touch-ups to make booths trade show-ready in record time.

Show Floor Service

Beyond building and maintenance, custom booth services also include show floor service. With show floor service, clients get manual labor, furniture rental options and A/V setup prior to events. Post-event, show floor workers breakdown exhibits, allowing booth owners to skip the hassle of cleanup.

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