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How Using Video Conversion Can Help Adapt To The Global Market in New York

Having proper video conversion service is essential when dealing with releasing videos in various regions. The video format be is NTSC, PAL, or SECAM all have different frame rates and refresh rates. While this might not seem important at first, having a frame rate or refresh rate not properly formatted to the region can cause a lot of issues when broadcasting your video. In the US, most video devices are in NTSC format, which runs at 30 frames per second, PAL formatted content only runs at 25 frames per second. In addition to this discrepancy in frame rates, they also run in two different aspect ratios, meaning the dimensions of the video will be slightly off between the two regions. Many videos that aren’t from the proper region do tend to be region-locked, meaning you won’t be able to play a PAL video or piece of media on an NTSC player. There are some exceptions to this but playing the incorrect format can lead to slower or more jittery video and a distorted picture due to the difference in aspect ratio.

If you are looking to release your content from New York to other regions, video file conversions services can help prepare your videos for global release. When done right, your video quality will stay crisp and clean, without any interpolating, shimmer or stutter that can often occur because of the conversion process. If you need video file conversions services, reach out to local New York companies for service packages and quotes.

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