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Turbo Analog Video: Dynamic, Low Cost Camera Surveillance in Bowling Green, KY

Analog sounds like the forgotten ancestor of digital. Unknown to many, there is a new generation of analog cameras that provides exceptional camera surveillance in Bowling Green, KY, or wherever surveillance is necessary. When you’re installing brand new cabling, it’s usually best to choose IP cameras ran with ethernet cable. However, if you have an existing analog system with coax wires, there’s a way to reuse the existing wires with Turbo cameras. Here’s a rundown of benefits associated with camera surveillance and some available, economic options.

A Bird’s Eye View

Surveillance cameras provide a bird’s eye view of property, vehicles and pedestrians. Cameras are proven deterrents to criminals and valuable sources of evidence to law enforcement after the commission of crimes.

Surveillance cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors. Indoor options present a complete view of interiors in the absence of in-house overnight security or employees.

Outdoor options keep watch over a business campus, capturing a visual record of comings and goings while extending the visual reach of any in-house security or employees serving as monitors.

Money Saving Options

If your facility already has coax cable ran for an existing, outdated analog camera system, a Turbo analog system might be right for you. Turbo analog cameras allow you to get high definition video quality without needing ethernet cables. By reusing existing cabling already in your facility, you can often save money on wiring costs. In some cases, rerunning wires is not even an option if the wires were put in place when the facility was built.

Turbo analog cameras can be configured for remote access via computer software or mobile apps. They truly can function give you the quality and features you want from IP cameras using your analog wiring.

Consider the wealth of options available today from, online home of Sonitrol, a leading supplier and installer of premium camera surveillance in Bowling Green, KY.

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