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Imagine Being Able to Speed Up Your Manufacturing Process

There is no need to imagine such a thing simply because an automated shrink wrap machine gives you that exact ability. Not only can you speed up the end step of your production line but you can save your business money at the same time. You can have your products secured and in a delivery truck in a fraction of the time that it would take an employee to do.

The Size of The Products Doesn’t Matter

No matter the size of the products you are shipping there is a wrapping machine that can meet your needs. There are models that will accommodate pallets from a 24 x 24 size right up to a massive 60 x 60. Whatever your particular packaging needs are they can be met be an automated shrink wrap machine.

How Does It Work?

The pallet that has the products is placed on a set of rollers. The machine then feeds them into itself and activates its wrapping arms. These arms will spin and rotate around the pallet and products applying shrink wrap. The machine feeds to pallet through evenly and at a constant speed to ensure that the final wrapping process is uniformed and precise on every package you send. Once the machine has completed its cycle all that is left is for the wrapped pallet to be collected and loaded onto the delivery truck.

A History of Innovation

In 2011, TAB Industries set out to revolutionize the way that the business world can package their products for delivery. With the invention of the TAB Wrapper Tornado they have accomplished just that. Their creativity and dedication have come together to offer the industry a way to send out products without fear of damage occurring. Contact them today and they can tell you about what they have to offer you that will take your business to the next level.

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