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Pickled Quail Eggs in Perry, GA, are Both Delicious and Nutritious

Pickled quail eggs in Perry, GA, aren’t just an off-beat novelty food, they’re both nutritious and delicious! Chickens are not the only birds producing eggs. The fact is, many people raise quail at home for eggs; the birds take less room and resources compared to chickens, and they’re quiet.

The first step in making pickled quail eggs is to hard boil them. The tiny quail eggs don’t take long to cook they’ll be done in 5 minutes or less. When they’re cooked, drop them into ice-cold water.

If you want to avoid cracking the eggshells, starting with cold water. Place the quail eggs in a pot of cold water, then heat the water to just boiling, and then turn it off. Take the pot off the stove and cover it with a lid. After 6 minutes, take the quail eggs out from the hot water and place them in cold water. The cold water bath will help the shells peel more easily.

Next, peel the quail eggs. Make a brine by dissolving 1 teaspoon salt with 1 cup of hot vinegar. White vinegar is neutral, but you can also use balsamic or apple cider vinegar. You can add the spices of your choice, such as garlic. Then, simply place the peeled quail eggs into a jar, and pour in the hot, spicy brine vinegar. Close the jar tight and store in the refrigerator for a week to allow the flavor to develop.

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