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3 Convenient Reasons to Keep a Handyman in Birmingham, AL, on Speed Dial

Everyone loves the peace that lies within their own home, at least until something breaks down. Each passing month brings about a new issue, like a clogged drain or a broken appliance. Here are three of the many tasks that a handyman service can help with.

Locating Studs

If anyone has attempted to mount a heavy object to a wall only to find that there was nothing behind it to secure the hold, they chose an area without a stud. Handyman services in Birmingham, AL, have the proper equipment to detect whether a stud is present so that they won’t end up drilling countless holes, weakening the wall’s structure and causing cosmetic damage.

Sealing Off Open Areas

Cracks, holes, and openings are a natural part of the wear and tear process; however, if they are not treated early enough, they can allow insects and small animals into a home. Instead of dishing out for expensive replacements, a handyman can seal the area off.

Covering Up Wall Damage

Not everyone is a skilled painter, and attempting to cover walls without the proper knowledge and techniques can lead to them looking worse than before. Handyman services in Birmingham, AL, provide professional paint jobs, and they are also able to alter a home’s appearance by tactfully applying wallpaper.

Whether the task at hand is big or small, the technicians at One Man & A Toolbox are there to extend a helping hand.

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