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3 Reasons to Rely on EHR Software for Your Behavioral Health Facility

The fact that some behavioral practices still function with paper-based records does not diminish the drawbacks of this type of system. With the insecure and difficult nature of paper records, behavioral health EHR software is a safer practice.

Indeed, using an EHR, or electronic health record system, gives you better control. Using the outdated paper records method adds information security challenges.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why electronic health records is a more reliable solution.

  • Set Access to Authorized Users

With a paper-based system, your patients’ medical records can easily be accessed by an unauthorized person. Installing an EHR system, however, allows you to control who sees patient information by granting access only to people who have a right to these records.

  • Avoid Altered Patient Records

Generally, paper health records can be tampered with before you know what happened. For instance, someone could copy papers and alter the information. Or, they could remove papers from a file.

On the other hand, you can protect electronic records with encryptions and strong login/password systems. This would make it more difficult for unauthorized adjustments to be made to a patient’s record.

  • Create Offsite Data Backups

Another way behavioral health EHR software protects confidential patient information is with a data backup. In the worst-case scenario of a natural disaster or criminal trespass, an offsite backup can help you restore confidential patient data sooner than a paper-based system.

Keep Patient Health Records Safe and Secure

AZZLY Rize can help small, medium, and large organizations switch to a behavioral health EHR software system.

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