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Finding Smart Business Solutions for Account Management and Success

In the world of sales, the upkeep of customer account-level information can be a daunting task for any sales professional no matter how large or small the business is. This is where the sales CRM platform steps up to create practical solutions for your business needs. This type of platform keeps your business organized by utilizing software that can maintain up to thousands of accounts and leads per user as well as file storage options and mobile support. Through the utilization of this sales CRM platform, sales professionals and business owners alike can substantially increase productivity as well as create a larger sales growth opportunity.

Some of the tools that the software offers are as follows:

  • Account/Lead management – Create accounts and leads with features such as events, notes and opportunities.
  • Drip emails – Schedule an email that automatically goes out to your potential leads or existing clients.
  • Calendar integration – You get three forms of integration – Google Calendar,, or Subscribe option.
  • Accounts and leads file storage – Upload documents and store them directly with the account or lead for easy access.
  • Mileage tracker – Get a simple mileage tracker that can be exported to excel for easy record upkeeping.

And many more!

CRM Binder provides the proper tools to maintain a healthy business by using one interface to schedule appointments, track mileage, manage accounts, create leads, add invoices and much more. Want to give your business the edge? Then sign up at website today and get a FREE 30-Day Trial!

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