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Shredding Services in Centennial: Why They’re Important

When it comes to all the documents at your location, there may come a time where you wonder what to do with them all. You know it’s unsafe to throw them away, but you don’t have a shredder on hand and don’t want to buy one. Shredding services in Centennial are the best option for you. The professionals here make it easy to drop off or schedule a pick-up. Therefore, you can do it when it is most convenient for you. Of course, you probably think about documents, but they can handle magnetic media (reels, DVDs, and tapes), product destruction, hard drive destruction, and much more.

XpresShred understands that you worry about the documents you have stored in your office. These can include financial papers, tax documents, paperwork with account numbers, and even papers with your address or that of your customers. It is essential to work with a BBB-accredited business, and this one has an A+ and Gold Star rating. The company is also AAA NAID certified. This means that the company is compliant with data protection laws that are currently in place within that state or area. Therefore, you can be sure that the information within those documents won’t get leaked to thieves and rival companies.

Document shredding offers a variety of benefits. You get peace of mind, and so do your customers. Everything is destroyed correctly, so there’s less risk. Plus, working with a company ensures that everything is secure. You’ll also save money because you don’t have to buy and maintain paper shredders. Often, these businesses also recycle the shredded paper by pulping it. This means that information is gone forever, but it also prevents more trees from being cut down to make paper. If you’d like to schedule service or learn more about the company, please visit the website.

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